I just received my order from Knit Happens (irika.ro) and I can’t wait to open it! Knit Happens is one of my favorite local websites for yarn and knitting & crocheting accessories. And today I will show you a small order I placed on their website.

The first products are these cute pompons, that I got in three colors: pink, black and red. These are 6-8 cm in diameter, they are made of eco fur and I will use them for some crochet beanies that I’m preparing for autumn.

Then, I got this base for bags, made of organic leather, to test for a crochet bag I’m preparing. This is 30×10 cm and 2.7 mm thick, and it has perforated edges for easier crochet or hand sewing.

I also got some small quantities of these beautiful poplin fabrics from Katia, that I intend to use for my crochet bags lining. All these are 100% cotton, lightweight fabrics with a semi-sheen finish. These are usually used for spring clothes and accessories, but I think they will look and feel great for my crochet bags, too. The first one has a Flying Kangaroo print with pink background, the second one has a Sky Cloud Rhinos print on a blue background and the last one has a Jungle Heroes print on a white background.

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