These beautiful Christmas gift tags are very easy to make and I created them mostly using upcycled paper. You can use any flyers or empty boxes you have at home, as long as they are clean, they have good quality prints and come from non-toxic products like foods, drinks or cosmetics.

Christmas decoration gift tag

I’m starting with a flyer that I just got with my shopping. It has this cute area here with yellow flowers and I’m cutting the flyer for easier access. Then I’m cutting two circles with a 2.5 cm hole puncher, making sure I include the yellow flowers. Holding the hole puncher upside down will help me center the paper better and see exactly what I’m cutting. Then I am contouring both circles using a permanent marker.

For the gift tag base I’m using a 7×9.9 cm cardboard, that I previously cut from an A4 sheet of cardboard divided in 9 equal parts. I am holding each circle upside down, add a drop of glue in the center and spread it with a piece of leftover paper. Then add them to my gift tag. When everything is done, press the gift tag for 1 minute under a book or a stack of paper or some other flat heavier object, to make sure everything sticks well together.

Once it’s pressed, draw strings and some simple bows. You can also write a custom message. Cut the top corners or round all corners and now you have a Christmas decoration gift tag!

Snowflakes gift tag

For this gift tag I’m opening a cardboard box by cutting it along the bending lines. I want to make 2 gift tag bases from this piece, each 7×9.9 cm, so I’m measuring 14×9.9 cm on a piece of cardboard, to make both at once. Then I’m cutting the edges. This plain part will be the back of my gift tag.

I also have an empty present bag, very simple, and I’m cutting a piece that would cover the cardboard. Apply glue on the printed area of your cardboard and spread it well with a piece of leftover paper. Then add the piece of present bag on top. Press it for 1 minute, to make sure everything glues well.

Cut the excess paper, then cut it in half and now you have 2 custom gift tag bases.

I will use the same flyer as before to cut different size snowflakes. I will start by cutting 2.5 cm snowflakes from the larger areas, then some 1.8 cm snowflakes and from the remaining paper some 1 cm snowflakes.

Same as before, I will hold each snowflake upside down, add a drop of glue in the middle and spread it with a piece of leftover paper. I’m gluing each snow flake, trying to maintain a size balance. Once all the snowflakes are added, put the tag for 1 minute under a heavy object. After the card is pressed, cut the excess paper. You can cut the top corners or round all corners and now you have a snowflake gift tag!

Similar to this one, I created another card from a cat food flyer. Same method, just a more colorful result.

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