Rice with red orach (also known as notch/ pig weed/ loboda) is a quick and easy recipe that I enjoy doing in spring, when we have a lot of greens available. Two weeks ago I was showing you a version with wild garlic and now I made this one with red orach. But you can also try wild garlic, spinach or nettles.

Ingredients for 4 portions:

  • 250g leeks or 2 medium size onions
  • a handful of red orach (or wild garlic, spinach, nettles)
  • 500g rice (basmati or other type)
  • parsley
  • cooking oil (sunflower or other kind)
  • salt and pepper to taste

For this recipe we only need some leeks or onions, a handful of red orach, 500g of rice and some green parsley. I will also use cooking oil, salt and pepper to taste.

I started by cutting the leeks in half, then I sliced them. In a big pot I added some oil and the leeks. I cooked them until they were soft, then I added 2 liters of water. When it started to boil, I added some salt, some pepper and the rice. For this recipe I used round grain rice, but you can use other rice type of your choice.

Make sure to mix it from time to time, so the rice doesn’t stick to the pot. When the rice absorbs all the water, check if the rice is cooked or add more water until it fully cooks. Also add more salt and pepper if needed.

Cut the stems of red orach in smaller pieces and the leaves in bigger pieces. Add it to your rice and cook everything together for 2-3 minutes. While my food was cooking, I chopped some parsley. Turn off the fire, add the chopped parsley and your rice is done.

This can be a great vegetarian meal, but you can also have it as a side dish for a steak or grilled chicken.

That’s our rice with red orach! I hope you enjoyed this recipe! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok to get our latest handmade and homemade news!